Practical Info

Any runner wins racing experience as well as others with whom we share the great adventure of ultra distance, while we stumble and get up to mistakes.

The mistake is in the corridor and take the fall, at the time of withdrawal during a race, the ultra-distance becomes large while losing insecurity that hampers to enjoy the experience which is an ultramarathon.

Share tips with other lovers of the race make us great, which is why we want to share some tips to tackle your next race.

  • Training is never enough: although we consider that we are done with a workout plan, you should be conscious that long you train you will never be enough when facing a ultramarathon. The feeling of dissatisfaction with the achievements is always present in all ultra-distance.
  • Psychology training: although physical training is an important factor in a race of this nature, mental training, to visualize our goal at all times is crucial.
  • Addressing the slopes like an old man: the phrase must climb like an old to get as a young must at all times present in our head, trying all possible energy saving during the course of the proof we will take.
  • Protect your stomach and sensible areas: surely you’ve heard many people having to retire for stomach problems or blisters in sensitive areas of the body. If you have stomach problems you should concienciarte adequate food, proper hydration and even bring some kind of stomach protector.
  • The pace is not important: not get obsessed with a rhythm that you have train you, just enjoy and let yourself go by your feelings as a runner.


Run responsibly


Runners advice


When run for the first time ultramarathon, insecurities and concerns about not knowing what we can find overtake us, hindering our experience, making it impossible to enjoy this adventure.
With the passage of time discover new solutions to the problems we have found, gaining experience as ultrafondistas, for this reason we will try to give you a few tips you should not forget during your preparation for the next test of ultra distance

Challenge yourself…